Cloud Businesses

The following page shows all of the Swedish companies that have trusted us through out the years. These companies have seen the value of Cloud for their business and decided to invest money into our services. They made a great decision that has helped them to improve their business and will continue boosting them further up.

All of the following companies use our cloud servers in one way or another. From host their websites with us, and all the way up to using our backup systems for storing data.

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Marketing Agency

Ginx Media is an established marketing agency that provides its clients all types of digital marketing services. They have helped a lot of clients with launcing websites, mobile applicatitons and build effective marketing campaigns.


Catering Subscriptions

Caterlinks is an innovative Catering business that wants to make catering an employee benefit standard. they offer companies a subscription model for their employees and an app that helps them boost their employee motivation.


Laundring services

Vitvätt is a Swedish tvätteri. They offer an innovative business model with three subscriptino packages. They offer very flexible services and provide their subscribers a great app to allow for flawless pickup and delivery bookings.

The Global Journal

Non-Profit Organization

The Global Journal is a website that reports untainted news about the globe. As such they want their website to stay secure and never go down. They want to be available any time someone looks for them. We recomend their journal for real and untainted news.

Stable Coin Today

Security Agency

Stablecointoday is a crypto consultation agency that helps companies expand into crypto markets. The agency can help with all types of servies starting from technological infrustracture and all the way up to closing deals with partner companies.

Coin Exchange

ICO Agent

Steadycointexchange is a broker website that help people find the latest oportunities and invest in newly emerging ICOs. This is a newly started company that has trusted us with securing their website and making their CDS flawless.

Global news


Non-Profit Organization

Gloabl News is a non profit organization that aspires to bring the latest socio political topics that are impacting humanity as we know it. They talk about the effect that these events have on human kind and explore the topic from an anthropological point of view.


Security Agency

Securelypro is an emerging company in the security sector. They work with all kinds of installations from recording hardware and alarms, to software monitoring solutions. They specialise in hardware installations and security training to companies.



Cat Gadgets is an ecommerce shop that offers upgrade equipment in a very good price. They have sorted out the best gadgets for modernizing old cards and refreshing the interior as well as the exterior of your car. A company with a moder approach to the market.

Reklam AB

Digital Marketin Agency

Reklamen AB is an company that helps multinational companies on their growth journey in Sweden. They are a company that has colaborated with some major names in the industry and helped them understand Swedish people and how to sell to them.


Lifestyle Journal

Imaginemukilteo is an lifestyle blog that talks about a large range of topics including health, worklife balance, dietary solutions, traveling, style and much more. They want to aspire people to improve their life and build healthier habits. They are a growing journal.


ICO Agent

Autoriseapp AB is a SAAS review website and a community for early release of software solutions. For the time being they charge a very low commision rate on the sales done from the platform, something that is making a large portion of the developers to chose them.

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